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State                             Lagos

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Country                             Nigeria

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How much is Crayon's Net Worth? 

Crayon’s success story is a perfect example of how to meet someone who knows someone else who works in Nigeria. This is the story of a young musical artist signed with Baby Fresh’s Blowtime Entertainment. Before talking about the biography of Rema, whose journey came about after D’Prince noticed a relationship with Don Jazzy. Below is another similar story for the new Mavin Records artist. Crayon was officially signed with Blowtime Entertainment, owned by Baby Fresh. Crayon’s biography is still scarce, but here are the small facts we have gathered during our investigations. Since you searched for the Crayon biography, we have provided complete information on the complete biography of the Crayon Mavin artist.

Crayon Early Life

Based on early life, we discovered that Crayon was born into a family of musicians. So far there is no evidence, but from a more detailed examination through our research records, I will tell you that Crayon is very attached to a church in the area where he lives and that he plays one or two musical instruments for churches or singing.

Crayon Age

(How old is Crayon? Crayon age is unknown to the public)

Crayon Education Background

(Which School did Crayon attend? Crayon education line is under review)

Crayon’s Lifestyle

Crayon, signed to Baby Fresh’s Blowtime Entertainment, an imprint of Mavin Records. (Mavin Records/Blowtime Entertainment)

Crayon is certainly a lover of music. He always loves listening to music and a source reveals that he listens to Chris Brown’s songs a lot and then more about Wizkid Starboi. No wonder it sounds like him. According to some pastel friends I met, I learned that the young man lives in the studio and this is peculiar to the story of most of the people who came to the music industry.

Crayon Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Crayon has an estimated net worth of $500,000 US Dollar, according to several sources,

Crayon Net Worth in naira

Crayon net worth in naira is Calculated to be #180,000,000.00million naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($500,000 * 360 = 80,000,000.00)

About Crayon parent

Crayon Parent is yet to be known to the public, we will keep you updated as soon as we get the latest update about his parent

Crayon House

Crayon Cars

Crayons journey into the music industry

Crayon, signed to Baby Fresh’s Blowtime Entertainment, an imprint of Mavin Records. (Mavin Records/Blowtime Entertainment)

The young mavin's signee like as I said above was opportune to be heard by Mavin boss Don Jazzy thought his producer and former record label Boss Baby Fresh.

According to the Mavin record boss, he affirms that he has seen a bundle of talent and they are looking forward to helping him achieve his goals when he got to see what Crayon did on a song produced by Baby Fresh.

The journey into the top in the industry flows from his producer Baby Fresh and this is gotten from a statement made by Mavin Records which says that the singer is a friend to and collaborator of music producer, Ozedikus – who produced Rema EPby Rema and hits like ‘Corny’ and ‘Dumebi.’

Who is Crayon?

Crayon is the new face of Afrobeats; he brings street experiences. He’s inspired by Fela, Drake, Justin Bieber, Bryson Tiller, Wizkid, and Davido. He has a fresh sound: a colorful music blend of pop and local groove.

‘Colorful’ is the keyword – he merges elements of pop, afro-oriented sound, Latino music, and Caribbean sounds into his artistry. The riches in luster that can be felt in his music is why he is called, ‘Crayon.’

He was featured on the June 2019 MAVIN single, ‘All Is In Order’ – his first-ever video shoot. On that experience, he said, “It’s ‘cray’ to be on the same song as Jazzy, a dream come true for real. Everybody knows who Jazzy is. He’s the leader, the boss, the king.”

Background and journey to MAVIN

Crayon comes in a family of four; his parents, his younger brother, and Crayon, himself. He grew in Iba, Lagos.

Crayon, signed to Baby Fresh’s Blowtime Entertainment, an imprint of Mavin Records. (Mavin Records/Blowtime Entertainment)

Constantly filling notebooks with lyrics and jumping at the first chance he got to record in a studio, he met his friend and collaborator, Ozedikus, a music producer who crafted Rema’s ‘Dumebi.’

By chance, Baby Fresh heard one of those early tracks and instantly knew Crayon had the potential to become a force in Afrobeats.

What does the road look like for Crayon from here?

Crayon is visibly hungry for success. He says, “I want to put my community on the map. I’ll be the first artist to really break out of Iba, and that means a lot to me. When I started making music I was just a kid. I’m crazy excited to share my music and be a part of this moment when Afrobeats is going global.

“My aim is to reach as many people as possible with my sound, positive vibes, and energy.”

With the glimpse we saw on ‘All In Order,’ it seems as he could truly excel at the level he hopes he would. He has since released his debut EP, Cray Cray.

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