More About Tepson Jnr Henry

Tepson Jnr Henry (Dj Provider). is a young boy in the western region, in the district of Jomoro. And he hills from Tikobo 1. Tepson Jnr Henry is a young blogger, dj graphics designer, dj and also creates YouTube account, audiomack account, and many more.

Dj provider was born in December 2004 @Tikobo 1 in the Jomoro district. He attends Psalms preparatory and completed psalms JHS in the year 2020.

He has been one of the all-time young bloggers in the western region.

And also one of the brilliant boy in his town. He started his djing with one of the biggest dj in the nzema land called Dj Glory 1. Dj glory 1 taught him everything about djing. And he rather started playing sounds called dynamic sound

The dynamic sound is s group of companies that are ready to play for your birthday parties, pool parties, funerals, street carnival, weddings, and many more. So Tepson Jnr Henry started small and he also joined creative multimedia.

Creative multimedia is a graphics design company we deal about graphic design so he started to work with his Boss Creative

The CEO of krative multimedia taught him more about graphic design and more about the computer. Dj Provider was always advised by some DJs in his town. DJs like #Officialdjfunny1 of newday FM. Dj Flash, Dj core Matt 1 Dj Lanky Gh many

He learned blogging from the lanky empire and started working with dj china Ghana CEO of China Itecghana. He is one of the biggest bloggers in ghana and also a graphics designer he has a company that deals online.

Tepson Jnr Henry is now a popular now tanks for the help of anyone.

@dj provider gh

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