More About: Kofi Chapters

My name is Francis Kofi Ntsiful from the Central side of Ghana(Cape Coast, Kotokoraba)...Mr.Robert Ntsiful And Mrs. Alberta Quaye Are my the Age of 7years I was taken from my parent's side to live my life in the western region of Ghana 

I attended prophet Nkansah junior high school at Kojo Krom and completed my SHS at Bompeh snr high school in Takoradi

I started doing music when I got to SS interest was always in rapping at SHS 1 .... because I like to Rap always, Teephlow was always  my inspirational rapper ever since I was a kid 

I developed more interest in music and recorded my first mixtape with a friend called Ideal ...he was a dancer /singer and also my best friend at school time 

After the first release of the song, I saw a lot of friends supporting my music career, that was when I developed my first nickname as KOFI PAGES 

I, therefore, gained a lot of interest in music and continue to record more songs with my friends at school ...I did a second song with a friend SENCES who featured me on his tune "POVERTY"..that song also became a banger 

After completing SS I developed another name as KOFI CHAPTERS and that name has been my stage name ever since...

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