Michael Donkor Profile

My name is Michael Donkor, but my friends call me Kelly Quan. I'm 16years of age. I'm a seed that came out from a village called Kuntenase.

I started my rap career from a little hood in Kumasi Amakom.

I started with the hip hop genre when I was 12years old that was when my family and my niggas started encouraging me,

but that was the same time whereby people used to intimidate me. I felt like giving up, but my niggas told me the rap career has a lot of challenges so Imma stand firm to everything that comes across my lane.

That advice from my niggas was my keynote that I use to say when I'm facing challenges. I never gave up way back and I'm never gonna give up till my soul is tired of music. I wanna encourage every young rapper like me. My fellow rappers,

don't focus on what people say but focus on what u wanna hit in front of you and whenever you feel like giving up think about where you started and how far you have come. Never drop the microphone whiles your heart is ready to listen to your punch

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