Uk Mzbel Reviewed Why She Will Never Get Married To Any Man

UK famous old times musician, songwriter, and entrepreneur have finally reviewed why she is not, married any why she now getting married.  As we are all aware, Mzbel is no get married despite her age and as a matter of fact, there are so many Ghanaians, thus her fans who are worried about her situation. 

In Ghana and even most of the countries in this world every lady should be married, but especially in Ghana there are some ages which we all believe a woman should get married before she passes the age and this age ranges from 24 - 28 year. We assume when you pass that age without getting married, it will be hard for you to get some.

But we thought marriage issues will not be a thing for a celebrity because they are rich, they got to love and streets, and there are thousands of people who are ready to get into relation with some of them. With this, you may think getting married is not a thing for celebrities but it sometimes surprising when you see that they are some celebrities who are in their early 40s but still single which Mzbel is a victim. Well, they all have reasons but they don't like bringing it to the media. Mzbel said something about her marriage which tells why she is not still married.

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In an interview on the Delay Show, Mzbel made it clear to the media that she doesn't get bothered about the prospect of getting married and setting down simply because she does not want to be a slave to any man. According to her, women became slaves to their husbands and that is the reason why she is not getting married. And she also made it clear that she is never getting married.

She said she wants to live a simple and free life which she will get more time for her businesses and other stuff. So getting married and being under the control of a man won't help her. And also she hates when she being monitored and she thinks men like monitoring their wives, thus, who she will be making calls with, what she will be wearing, who she will be texting, and where she will be going and coming from.

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